Buy Mini Fridge For Office – How To Choose The Best Mini Fridge For You

Buy Mini Fridge For Office – How To Choose The Best Mini Fridge For You

Are you looking to buy a mini fridge for your office, but finding it hard to choose the right one? Well, if you follow these guidelines, you will have a clear idea for what you want to look for in a mini fridge.

Choose a Size Based on Your Usage and Environment

Size is an important choice because it will determine what kind of items you will store in your fridge. On top of that, if you choose the wrong size, you will be unable to store the items that you want. Or you will have so much space that it looks bare.

Make sure that the items you want to store in the fridge will fit! Some miniature fridges will fit 2L bottles and some won’t, for example – so make sure the fridge you want fits the items you want to store.

Always measure the space in which you want to put your fridge. To come up with the maximum fridge size, leave a little room on the sides and about 3 inches from the back for ventilation. Make sure you’ll be able to open the door comfortably. Many fridge models have reversible doors (meaning they can be installed to be opened on either side) – make sure the one you will get opens on the side you prefer.

A big mini fridge is best if it is set on the floor. With a smaller mini fridge you can place it on your desk or inside a cabinet.

Deciding on the Best Color

When it comes to color, it is important to choose a color that will not clash with your current interior design. A neutral color is best for this purpose. That choice will also be useful if you decide to sell the fridge at a later date.

If you want to show off your fridge instead, you can choose from more colorful friges – these days they come in pinks, greens and other funky colors. Some fridges even feature designs. If you are looking for a design but can’t find the right fridge with one, you can use stick-on designs that peel off easily.

What Material is the Fridge Made Of?

The material can also play a part in how nice your fridge looks. For example, stainless steel is often a good choice because it offers a clean-cut look. However, if price is a problem, then deciding on a fridge that is made out of durable plastic is a solid option. The price is largely going to be determined by the material used, and it will also be determined by the brand of fridge that you are using.

Is It Energy Efficient?

If your office is somewhere where you are not paying for the electricity, then it may not be as big of a deal. However, if your office is in your own home, then you definitely want to go with an energy efficient fridge. It will save you money on expenses in the long run.

Even if you simply want a fridge that will be easier on planet earth, then going with an energy efficient mini fridge is a great choice. On top of that, you could win some points with your boss if they love taking care of the environment.

Nowadays, energy efficient appliances are not much more expensive than their non-efficient counterparts, so taking this extra step should not break the bank. To choose an appropriate energy efficient mini fridge, look for the yellow Energy Star guidelines.

Do You Want a Freezer Compartment?

Nowadays, many miniature fridges are designed to with a small freezer. You can keep ice cubes, frozen meals and other perishable goods in there. A small freezer will come with a bigger price tag, but added convenience. If you find yourself thinking of many items you will want to store in the freezer compartment, consider getting a mini freezer instead of a small fridge.

Choose a Brand You Trust

The bigger brands for mini fridges are: Summit, Haier and Avanti. These are companies that have consistently produced high quality appliances.

These are some of the key points to consider when choosing a mini fridge for your office. You should choose a mini fridge based on your needs and style. Avoid overpaying by deciding what features you want first, before shopping around, and stick to them.